HR is one of the major business sectors being targeted for "change management". Reluctance and procrastination to change will cripple companies as they face competitive forces driven by technology.

Intellectual insight will be required to be able to take advantage of technology empowered efficient business processes. These and other challenging scenarios spell significant changes in how HR will be defined going forward.

How you see the future is your choice. Where are you in the life cycle of your career? If you are just beginning or in the early stages of your career then being pro-active should be your mantra. If you are well down your career path and looking at the end coming then perhaps doing little or nothing more than "treading water" until your day to walk away comes might be your choice.

You can be certain of one thing, the HR professionals of the future will be endured at the "C level" by major companies. There's only one place to be and that is at the front of the line. The greatest opportunities in business are yet to come and HR professionals who understand the human side of business as it relates to merging with technology to empower organizations are going to be well rewarded for their commitment to excellence at all levels.

If you are a person with high esteem and values then this could be the wakening moment in your life. The perfect time to catch the wave of change and ride it to the pinnacle of your career.
Are You Prepared for the Future of HR?